Logic vs emotion: What generates more fitness leads?

One question we always get with new clients is: “Do you write ads with ‘emotive language’ or logic?” You know, the type that hits the heart of the head. Choose both.

All sales, both written and verbal, are complex in nature. When you present your fitness offer or service to a prospect it’s rare that said person will give you a hard ‘yes’ right away. (Not saying it can’t happen, but it’s rare.)

To overcome these type of barriers to purchase, we construct our adverts to hit your customers' emotional hot buttons, while also ticking off their mental checklist as to why they should hand over their hard-earned cash.

And while the persuasion narrative is key during the sales process, ensure you have compelling data laid out - or in the headline itself - to make it easier for the brain to understand.

TL;DR: People buy on logic and emotion, safeguard your advert’s chances of success by appealing to both.