Numbers and words: A case for creative fitness advertising

“Trusted by over 10,347 customers” - most software and SaaS companies these days.

“81% have taken action as a result of…” - Spotify

“What’s your FICO score? 630?” - Experian

While sales is a numbers game, so are advertising headlines.

But before I explain why, consider this.

How many times have you seen an advert where it states that “thousands of people in X” area/industry are using ABC? Probably a lot.

Or think back to this classic one—"Over 10,000 happy customers”…

And closer to home—“helping you achieve your fitness goals.”

Gym owners have flogged the helping you achieve line since the inception of the modern day gym. To this day I still come across clients running these type of warm and fuzzy ads. Thankfully, they've lost their charm because generalities don’t build trust.

Superlatives don’t move the sales needle

In fact, they pass your brand off as another “me too” in your prospect's conscious. Hence why the companies mentioned at the start of this blog include numbers in the headlines.

Numbers engender trust

Now you tell me, what’s more convincing:

“We have over a thousand customers in the Melbourne area” or…

“We serve 1,137 customers in the Metro-Melbourne”

TL;DR: Try using specific numbers, when words don’t seem believable enough to sell your product.